A list of organisations, groups, coalitions and alliances working on areas related to gender and social movements.

  • Third World Network Africa

    Africa South of Sahara

    Third World Network-Africa is a research and advocacy organisation based in Accra,Ghana. It is the autonomous Africa section of Third World Network (TWN), an independent non-profit coalition of organisations and individuals engaged in advocacy on issues related to development, environment and North-South affairs.

  • Fahamu

    Fahamu is dedicated to strengthening the work of not-for-profit and other non-governmental organisations throughout the world through the use of information and communications technologies.

    Produces and publishes CDROM based learning materials, designs and manages websites, runs training courses (including on-line courses), and provide support for internet-related work.

    Fahamu's movement building bootcamp for Queer African activists develops training tools and resources on movement building for queer activism with an integrated feminist perspective.

  • Third World Network TWN

    East Asia and Pacific

    A network of organisations representing Southern interests and producing publications and research on economic, social and environmental issues.